Broch Magic

Place….Weathered Edges….are an important part of my journey on The Antlered Road. Often these are Trackways, Cairns, Caves or the such like, but sometimes a ‘place’ finds you unexpected and bewitches you. The Brochs at Glenelg are one of those places and their spell on me took hold 18 years ago.

A broch is an Iron Age drystone hollow-walled structure of a type found only in Scotland. Brochs belong to the classification “complex atlantic roundhouse” devised by Scottish archaeologist in the 1980s. Their origin is a matter of some controversy. The Brochs at Glenelg, Dun Telve and Dun Troddan are some of the best examples still standing. Many more exist further north and on the surrounding islands.

The Landscape/Glen they sit within is breath taking with steep Bens and meandering river which eventually leads to Kyle Rhea. This visit the surrounding Bens were still snow capped and a nearby waterfall was looking and sounding rather impressive due to the snow melt.

Since moving to Glenmoriston we’ve visited the Brochs a few times and their spell enchants me deeper and deeper with each visit. I’m desperate to run a Retreat here and there’s a perfect house that sits in the Glen nestled between the 2 Brochs. Spring 2019 feels the perfect time to run it…although my impatience wants it to happen now…but Weathered Edge Malas, lantern lit vigils and river magic are haunting my dreams with every visit. Contact me if it’s something you fancy being part of.

Photos are a combination taken by me, Jon Witney and Emma Reynolds

Swan Moon Mala – Full/Super/Eclipse/Blood/Blue Moon

Swan Moon Mala

Swan Moon Mala

You name it…..this moon did it huh?

Moon Magic is wonderful at the best of times weather its harnessing the potent power of yesterdays ‘Mega Moon’ or using the waxing moon to bring things in…or releasing ‘stuff’ at New Moons as it wanes away…there’s plenty that can be done. With this Full Moon being on the threshold of Imbolc I did a bit of everything. I did a bit of Kitchen Witchcraft, baking up nourishing goodies at the Community Cafe I work at part time; I did a bit of Hearth Fire Magic releasing my unwanted shit into the flames; my daughter and I sowed our seeds for the coming year into Witch Bottles and I placed my beautiful Moon Bowl out under the ‘Mega Moon’ to create a Swan Moon Essence and Tincture…as well as creating the beautiful Swan Moon Mala, pictured above. Yes I was a busy girl.

The Swan Moon Mala brings with it the rejuvenating spark and effervescent inspiring energy of this quickening moon. It’s also has that very gentle healing energy that the swan carries upon her wings at this time of year. Its created with the same blue and black glass beads, plus the full moon-y opalite, that all these Luna Malas will have as a common thread, but the differing intentions and energies are woven and knotted through each one on their specific moons and are reflected in their tassels and charms, this Swan Moon Mala having a white tassel and swan feather charm.

Swan Moon – January 31st Full/Blue Moon

Swan Moon - 31/01/18

Swan Moon 31/01/18


Other names for this Full Moon include Storm Moon, Tree Moon or Icicle Moon. For me I call this ‘Swan Moon’ as its also Luna Imbolc, so drawing on the many aspects and associations of Brigid I always feel a very strong Swan energy with this moon.  

Its the perfect time to ‘sow’ your hopes, dreams and wishes for the coming year, I do this by creating a Witch Bottle every Imbolc, but you can just as well create vision or dream boards. Think about sowing and plant seeds in your garden or greenhouse…plant some pennies in with them too, as you sow your seeds, nurture them and watch your abundance grow!

Swan Moon

Swan Moon Pewter

Hope you all had a wonderful Full ‘Mega’ Moon and Imbolc Blessings as we start our dance with the Maiden. Get planting those seeds xxx