Rattles :- An Alternative Tool for Journey, Meditation and Healing

My Arctic Drum

It’s a wonderful sight and sound seeing folk at gatherings and ceremony using frame drums…myself included. But, I’m also a massive fan of Rattles…so portable and powerful. It’s like using an Athame or Wand for directing energy but with the added bonus of a gentle hypnotic sound.

There are times when I’m out on The Land and I don’t want to carry a drum or I wish not to draw attention to myself with the noise of a drum beat. A Rattle is perfect for these moments 💗 The rhythmic shake and noise are great for helping in meditation and journey; the weight and feeling in your hands is grounding and brings a wonderful connection. As I mentioned before I love to use them for directing the energy they build…sending healing out onto The Land or to a Person that may need healing.

Travelling Rattle and Arctic Reindeer Rattle

I’m currently on a wonderful Magical Mala journey with Rattles…and more news will come about that soon! Very excited about the path rattles are taking me on…connecting this Highland Land…it’s skin, it’s waters, it’s trees, it’s stones…with the energy of Magical Malas. It’s a wonderful marriage!

Here’s a little snippet of my lovely Travelling Rattle Nicola Stantiford made for me, working it’s magic on The Lakes back in Essex.


Do you use a Rattle within your Spiritual Practise? Would love to hear your experiences.