4 thoughts on “Elen

  1. I recently came across a article Joanna Vsn Der Hoeven wrote back in January of 2013 on Elen The Wild Goddess. Her article intrigued me and so I wrote herb to learn more about her . She wrote back and gave me your name and website. I live in Texas where we have deer but do not live where we have forest or even deep woods . I am of English, Irish and Scottish ancestry and feel a calling to return to the land there so that I can receive Priestess of Avalon training and possibly Priestess of Rhiannon training . I have been diligently with Love and joy following my priestess heart and deepening my path through the 13 moon Oracle book I have by Ariel Spilsbury. However I feel something calling me and then I read your article my friend sent me. So I am writing you as you have a connection with her and since she is to be experienced not read – I am going to ask you to please do me a big favor and send prayer because we need magic and miracles to connect with someone with similar connections. I need the doors open to us to make spiritual and physical connection with the land calling us. If you have any suggestions please let me know because sometimes a fresh perspective is helpful. Thank you for taking time to read this and reply at your earliest convenience . Many Many blessings ,Janice


    • Hi Janice, Sorry I’m just getting my head round this website and hadnt seen this comment. Let me know if you’d still like to know more. Antlered Blessings Sam x


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